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Questioning skills develop through observation, reading, use, reflective thought and awareness

Anne Watson


The Session Booklet

The Thinking about Questioning booklet includes step-by-step guidelines to the tasks and activities incorporated in the session.

This booklet may also be used by the animator while leading the session.

To download booklet, click on icon, then on share and download

The Planning Booklet

The Planning for Questioning booklet presents access to ideas, suggestions, web links and theoretical insights to how teachers may develop their questioning skills.

To download booklet, click on icon, then on share and download

Power-point Slideshow

The Thinking about Questioning slideshow may be used to support the animator with running the session.

The Video

The Divergent Questioning in 8th Grade Math video is used to engage participants in discussing how teacher's use of effective questioning may support students in becoming more active learners of mathematics.

The Teacher's Role

This video is taken from one of Sir Ken Robinson's TED Talks Education speeches (filmed in April 2013) entitled How to escape education's death valley. The clip (view part 06:20 to 09:45) focuses on learner curiosity, the second of his three key principles crucial for the human mind to flourish.

More videos are available on the following link (

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