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Collaborative work is necessary when the purpose of the session is to develop conceptual understanding or strategies for solving more challenging problems

Malcolm Swan


The Session Booklet

The Thinking about Collaboration booklet includes step-by-step guidelines to the tasks and activities incorporated in the session.

This booklet may also be used by the animator while leading the session.

To download booklet, click on icon, then on share and download

The Planning Booklet

The Planning for Collaboration booklet presents access to ideas, suggestions, web links and theoretical insights to how teachers may develop their skills in collaborative work.

To download booklet, click on icon, then on share and download

Power-point Slideshow

The Thinking about Collaboration slideshow may be used to support the animator with running the session.

The Videos

The Castellars de Barcelona video shows the Catalonia tradition that takes place in the square ever Sunday in the city of Barcelona. Between 50 and 500 people of all ages erect human towers literally stacking people on top of each other.

The Collaborative Learning video by Dylan Williams is used to discuss ways in which teachers may set up individual and collective accountability.

The Classifying Triangles video shows Stephan, a secondary school teacher from Malta, using collaborative work to engage students in discussing properties of triangles.

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