An artcile describing in detail the design of this CPD programme was published in the September 2016 issue of the Educational Researcher e-journal. Read how four IBL principles - mathematical tasks for inquiry, collaborative learning, purposeful questioning and shifting responsibility - were implemented in the CPD programme. Click on the image below to access and download article.



This CPD programme is designed upon four research-based IBL principles.

The figure below provides a working definition for each principle.

Each definition is intended to clearly describe what teachers and their students are likely to be seen doing in an inquiry-based mathematics class.

Although these four principles may appear as distinct attributes, they are not seen as stand-alone features within IBL lessons. On the contrary, there is much overlap and connection between the four principles. This interconnected aspect is intended to emerge during the professional development workshops in which teachers will have the opportunity to experience how these principles may be enacted in practice.

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A CPD Programme for Secondary School Teachers

Teaching Mathematics through Inquiry


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